Recent Work

Matador sent us to What The Festival to make this product/lifestyle video. Needless to say, it was a blast. Bringing back the Fanny Pack with Matador! Learn more about the product here:

Another well-produced experience by dotdotdash, this party for Bumble was shot by Michael Coen and Rick Sheinin, and edited by Will Cuddy.

Always a good time producing these short product videos for Matador! This one entailed a snowy hike, 6 miles into Bagby Hot Springs in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

High in the Sierra Nevada of Southern Spain, we shot this product video for Matador's Camera BaseLayer. Enjoy!

Shot during our stay in Split, Croatia. We had an unreal time exploring Central Dalmatia. Featured Locations: Kasjuni Beach Krka National Park Sailing in the Adriatic Sea Klis Fortress (Game of Thrones Filming Location for City of Meereen) @coenfilmadventures Music: The Wheel by Sohn

While traveling through Chiclana, Spain, we made a video for Matador's Droplet - A keychain wet/dry bag that fits in your pocket. Enjoy!

Hotel President Pantovcak is an exclusive boutique hotel in the very heart of Zagreb, Croatia. This four-star hotel hosted us during our trip and was the final cap to a month in Croatia. Website:

The Cambrian Hotel was nice enough to let us stay at their amazing hotel in a lovely town called Adelboden. Located in the Swiss Alps, this was one of the most incredible weeks of our lives. Thanks to everyone's hospitality!

We have a partnership with Matador Products ( We get to make product videos for them while we travel. It's perfect because they make packable travel gear! 

This video features the Beast, the only packable technical pack in the world. Unpack when you reach your destination. Ultra-light and fully capable.

Featuring locations in Berlin, Budapest, Prague and Paris. We shot this product video for Matador's DayLite16 on our European Tour.

Always on hand for your travels. Transit30 is an ultralight 30-liter pack away duffle bag. We shot this in Amsterdam on a beautiful fall day for Matador Products.

The Matador Pocket Blanket lifestyle video started our relationship with Matador Products.  Modeled by Tabitha Yeasley, Sean French and Skylor Purnick, this was shot in the Pearl District in Portland, OR. Visit for more of their innovative products.

dotdotdash is doing amazing things with Virtual Reality. This was video was produced in collaboration with Vinton Depiction and Devin Tolman.

From dotdotdash - "The challenge was to create a one-of-kind event celebrating the 'We the Future' campaign immersing attendees in a futuristic environment. Party goers were empowered to #CREATEOURFUTURE by expressing themselves in virtual reality around 3D self-portraits that were displayed in a massive gallery via projection mapping. Through multiple perspectives, guests created a shared future. Music by CMNDR"

dotdotdash, a creative technology and production studio created this piece. Bird Song is a permanent LED sculpture at The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Portland. Each 35 ft. glass blown sculptural strand represents sound physically, modeled after the sonogram of a repeated bird song. Generative soundscapes incorporating Pacific Northwest bird chirps trigger cascading light animations. Through a custom iPad application The Nines Hotel has the ability to change color, chirp frequency, volume, and randomness. 

ddd conceptualized, designed, built and produced a unique experience for guests at BuzzFeed’s 2016 NewFronts event. Filling the entire 41,000 sq. ft. Moynihan Station Skylight venue, the event gave 1,000 brand representatives the chance to see how BuzzFeed creates news and entertainment content for their audience. By creating an event space with a purposeful flow, we showed guests how BuzzFeed is able to feed their hearts, minds, and businesses. Our team produced playful vignettes, including a kitten with laser vision, to introduce BuzzFeed’s most successful video content over the past year. The actual presentation took place on a custom built stage spanning 80 feet, and included 3 main projection screens and 25 individually mapped orbs. The event received notoriety from Variety, Fortune, Adweek, Ad Age, and others. Track: Big Wild - Aftergold (feat. Tove Styrke)

Specular is the culmination of dotdotdash’s collaboration with Damien Gilley through their New Forms Residency which seeks to connect artists with technology to create opportunities to pursue a new evolution of art + design languages. New Forms Residency offers targeted resident opportunities that provide technical and creative support, and studio space to develop new work. In this exhibition, Damien explores drawing as a kinetically experienced sculpture in an immersive environment that is activated by viewer point of view, movement, and non-linear navigation. The work explores drawing as a perceptual event, luring the participant to discover viewing points and sight lines that complete forms and volumes. The structural drawings lead and suggest, like maps or architectural sketches might, yet read more like a game or puzzle to be solved. Hidden architectures are revealed through viewer movement that suggest a sense of co-dimensionality between seen and unseen, digital and human scale, the virtual and the real. Damien Gilley: Music: 'U' by Tourist (Available on Spotify)

ARCS Foundation Oregon Chapter graciously funds graduate students on the forefront of scientific discovery. It was an honor to make this video for their 2016 awards luncheon, and the universities they support.

Shot and edited by CoenFilm this video features Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Country Music Artist Lauren Alaina and Portland's Youth Music Project for a special event.

I've had the pleasure of filming some inspiring projects by talented people. Makers of Art is dedicated to creators, builders, innovators and artists.

One time, at Burning Man... 

Sameer Sengupta produced a track that captured the deep house sounds of the little gin bar on the playa called 7 Deadly Gins. Here's the footage I filmed and edited for the brilliant theme camp.

Edited for dotdotdash with Vinton Depiction, this video was produced to showcase their technology and experience created for The New Era Design Lab, located at L.A. Live.