Behind the scenes on our mission to test Matador's new Advanced Series line. We sent our team in search of the most inclement conditions we could find... welcome to Iceland. Rain and hail were the goal, falling rocks and a sinking Landrover were just bonus. This is why we travel.

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Las Vegas, NV - dotdotdash created a ridiculous amount of 3D visuals for JBL Fest 2018 They were featured on an array of LED screens and massive mapped projections throughout the festival that featured the likes of Ellie Goulding and Tiger Lilly.

The MS Society is a disease that affects so many people. It was an honor to make a difference by telling this story to help raise awareness and funds.

Jack Henry makes hair, skin and body products using the highest quality ingredients. This "how to" video demonstrates their flagship product, Clay Pomade.

Filmed at Abiqua Falls, OR. Matador's new product is a new take on the travel toiletry bottle.

Video Dance Attack is a nonstop 80s, 90s & 2000's video dance party and is truly a staple of Portland, Oregon. CoenFilm produced this video to highlight their flagship Halloween event.